BS Transcore Limited - the producer, importer, and distributor snow-white marble from Macedonia and derivative products, and other natural origin.

A mountainous region in the western part of Macedonia, called Pelagonia, it's one of the the world's largest deposits of white marble - more than 15 million m³.Marmury Macedonian, due to its unique aesthetic and mechanical properties are used in many public buildings, homes and other structures of small and great architecture, as a material not only on the allocation of internal, but external (squares, facades, etc.).

"SIVEC" have great physical and chemical properties, but due to high level of pulverization and wear under impact, this stone could not be used as raw material for production of aggregate for concrete, asphalt, tampon material or cover material. But, due to exactly this property, which is considered positive for chemical industry, this stone could find its usage as filling material for production of colours, varnishes, glues and other products. Also, this stone could find its usage in industry for abrasive cleaning facilities as well as micronized flour, where dolomite component is required. Due to mineralogical – petrographic content and structural and textural properties, this dolomite marbles with their beautiful image are primarily eligible for use as architectonic-decorative stone as stone for coating embankment and retaining walls, as stone for paving walking areas with middle frequency, for pedestrian traffic and other usage, depending on needs and possibilities of Producer. Due to their easy cultivation, they are especially adequate for making sculptures and other art, by handy or machine processing.